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Sloka Iyengar

Neuroscientist • Science Writer • Science Advocate
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About Me

My name is Sloka. I am a neuroscientist and science advocate based in New York. My overarching goal is to use science for the benefit of humanity. For my graduate work and my postdoctoral fellowship, I studied the basic mechanisms involved in seizure generation and propagation.

As a clinical researcher, I worked with people who have epilepsy to find better treatments for seizure disorders and comorbidites.

I am also a science writer and science advocate and have visited Capitol Hill to advocate for increased neuroscience funding.

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Medical Communication Course

I am course director for a course directed on Medical Communication course at the NYU Medical Center.

Experience and Training

Graduate Work

For my graduate work, I worked with David Mott at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, where I used electrophysiology to study synaptic plasticity in epilepsy...

Postdoctoral Work

For my postdoctoral fellowship, I worked with Helen Scharfman at the Nathan Kline Institute. Here, I investigated postnatal neurogenesis in the hippocampus and its role...

Clinical Research

As a clinical researcher, I worked with epileptologists at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group and initiated the Brain Tumor-Related Epilepsy Research Consortium...


Science Writing

Why I write? Most, if not all, funding for basic science comes from taxpayer’s money. Hence, scientists have an obligation to communicate their science to the public in a way that is clear and concise, but never condescending or over-simplified.

If you want a scientific paper to be explained in non-scientific terms, contact me at info@Sloka Iyengar.com, and I’ll try my best to get back to you.

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Science Advocacy

Why I advocate? All science is funded by taxpayer money. It is for this reason that scientists have a moral obligation to inform people of their findings. In addition, funding for biomedical...

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Science Audit

Why I audit? Preclinical and basic science bring with it tremendous opportunities to help individuals with illnesses. Unfortunately, there is little transparency and accountability in science...

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Science Outreach

Why I teach? Over the past years, I have been involved in these teaching projects.

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Awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from University of South Carolina School of Medicine

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International Efforts

National Brain Research Center

Global advocacy – With the increased life expectancy in India but little awareness about brain disorders and an absence of lobbying by scientists, there is a need for better advocacy by scientists in India. For this, I am part of IBRO India in collaboration and the National Brain Research Center (NBRC).

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I am also a dancer and I’ve been learning and performing Bharatanatyam – an ancient dance that originated in South India almost all my life.


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